Do Consumers' Stated Preferences in Choice Models Depend on Differences in Stimulus Presentation

2D versus 3D Presentation?

  • Alma Berneburg
Schlagworte: Stimulus presentation formats, Dimension effects, Consumer decision making, Choice experiments


This study tries to contribute to the branch of research that is engaged in the analysis of different stimulus presentation formats and their influence on quality and validity of the test results in a Conjoint Analysis. This topic has gained special attention as new techniques became available that enable the inclusion of holographic three-dimensional stimuli in the research of consumers' preferences. Especially for examining design-related questions this proves very interesting. The study compares the results of two Choice Based Conjoint analyses with one presenting the test object via computer-based 2D-pictures and the other using a holographic 3D-simulation. For the attributes at hand no differences between the results of the 2D- and 3D-test can be isolated on an aggregate level.