The Two-Dimensional, Rectangular, Guillotineable-Layout Cutting Problem with a Single Defect

  • Vera Neidlein
  • Andrèa C. G. Vianna
  • Marcos N. Arenales
  • Gerhard Wäscher
Schlagworte: Two-dimensional cutting, defect, AND/OR-graph, Branch & Bound


In this paper, a two-dimensional cutting problem is considered in which a single plate (large object) has to be cut down into a set of small items of maximal value. As opposed to standard cutting problems, the large object contains a defect, which must not be covered by a small item. The problem is represented by means of an AND/OR-graph, and a Branch & Bound procedure (including heuristic modifications for speeding up the search process) is introduced for its exact solution. The proposed method is evaluated in a series of numerical experiments that are run on problem instances taken from the literature, as well as on randomly generated instances.