Cross-Country Comparison of the Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation in Germany and Qatar

An Empirical Study among Business Students

  • Maria Anne Schmidt
  • Daniel Cracau
Schlagworte: Empirical Economics, Cross-Cultural Research, Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation (CSRO), Gender, Germany, Qatar


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a phenomenon of increasing interest. Today, it is practiced in most countries around the globe and studied in various fields of academia. However, the focus still lies on Western developed countries, their understanding, and implementation of CSR. This paper focuses on the comparison of the orientation towards CSR in Germany and Qatar, thereby closing a research gap by providing insights from a Middle Eastern country. Based on a survey among 265 business students in both countries, the research examines their perception of the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities of a firm. Findings suggest that, next to economic obligations, Qataris appear more willing to support philanthropic activities of a business while Germans highly value ethical standards. Moreover, females in both countries value economic responsibilities less important than males do.