Wash and Waste?

The Case of Unwashed Potatoes in Germany

  • Jan Philipp Paeslack
  • Daniel Cracau
Schlagworte: Food Waste Reduction, Unwashed Potatoes, Germany, Empirical Study


In the recent food waste debate, potatoes represent an important factor with approximately half of the production being removed from the food supply chain. Because selling unwashed potatoes is known as a potential remedy to address this phenomenon, the present article investigates this case in detail. Focusing on the consumer perspective, a survey with a total of 307 participants has been conducted in Germany. The results reveal that information on the underlying benefits may positively influence consumers' attitude towards unwashed potatoes. Positive attitudes towards the environment, suboptimal products in general and food loss avoidance significantly drive consumers' willingness to buy unwashed potatoes; the main factor for reluctance is the perceived inconvenience regarding preparation. Finally, a gender effect is observed with a discount being more effective for male consumers