• Preetdeepan Prashantkumar Pradhan


In this modern era of work segregation, autonomous robots have challenged the innate perspective of mankind. They not only save human labour, but also provide assistance where no mankind has ever stepped its feet. The modification of this medieval weapon into a functioning prototype, with several uses in the field of constructions or recreational sport. The project uses the Boolean Logic partially, as the robot moves around, detects hinderances and turns 90° left.
The apparatus building requirements were from the ‘Lego Mindstorms Education Set’, that developed the corresponding programme in MATLAB. In order to provide a stable communication between MATLAB and the LEGO-NXT Module, the use of MATLAB Package from RWTH-Aachen was very essential. As a result, we received a working model and a few more comments based on our development process that should be met in order to be able to use the plowing machine in practice. On the one hand there are additional sensors to detect pedestrians or other things that are not obstacles and on the other hand it would be a satellite transmitter to detect which surface has to be processed and where, for example, the earth can be taken.