Pulsed Laser Heating of a Thermoelastic Medium with Two-temperature under Three-phase-lag Model

  • M. I. A. Othman
  • N. T. Mansour


In this paper, the problem of the generalized thermoelastic medium for three different theories under the effect of a laser pulse and two-temperature is investigated. The Lord–Shulman (L-S), Green-Naghdi of type III (G-N III) and three-phase-lag (3PHL) theories are discussed with two-temperature. The normal mode analysis is used to obtain the analytical expressions of the displacement components, force stress, thermodynamic temperature and conductive temperature. The numerical results are given and presented graphically and the thermal force was applied. Comparisons are made with the results predicted by (3PHL), (G-N III) and (L-S) in the presence and absence of two-temperature. The boundary plane surface is heated by a non-Gaussian laser beam.