On the Analytical Estimation for Isotropic Approximation of Elastic Properties applied to Polycrystalline Cubic Silicon used at Solar Cells

  • Marcus Aßmus
  • Rainer Glüge
  • Holm Altenbach
Keywords: solar energy materials, solar cells, polycrystals, cubic system, homogenization, mechanical properties


The present contribution is concerned with the effective mechanical parameters of polycristalline silicon used for solar
cells. Thereby, an analytical scheme for the prediction of elastic properties of polycrystals is reviewed, applied and verified.
Emphasis is on first-order bounds and derived estimates. Based on cubic symmetry of a single crystal the projector representation
is exploited for the description of the constitutive equations. The elasticity tensor is developed for several assumptions which
stem from rather classical homogenization schemes. This results in a rational representation and determination of linear elastic
material parameters of a homogeneous, macroscopically isotropic comparison material. The analytically determined parameters
are compared to experimental data. It is found that the present procedure reproduces the experimental results in very close


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