Mode II Delamination Analysis of Asymmetrical Four Point Bend Layered Beams with Considering Material Non-linearity

  • V. Rizov


An analytical study is performed of mode II delamination fracture in the asymmetrical Four Point Bend (FPB) beam configurations with considering non-linear material behavior. The beam mechanical behavior is described by using two non-linear constitutive models (ideally elastic-plastic model and model with power law stressstrain relation).The crack is located arbitrarily along the beam height. Fracture is analyzed by applying the Jintegral approach. By using the classical beam theory, analytical solutions of the J-integral are obtained at characteristic levels of the external load. The solutions derived are compared with the strain energy release rate. The influence of material non-linearity and crack location along the beam height on the fracture behaviour is evaluated. The J-integral solutions derived are very useful for parametric investigations, since the simple formulae obtained capture the essentials of fracture in asymmetrical FPB beams that have non-linear material behaviour.