On Behavior of a Double Rotor HAWT with a Differential Planet Gear

  • E. Shalimova
  • L. Klimina
  • K.-H. Lin


The mathematical model of a double disk horizontal axis wind turbine is constructed. The turbine has two propellers (actuator disks). One propeller is rigidly connected to a carrier of a planet gear, the other is rigidly connected to an external ring of the same planet gear. A rotor of an electrical generator is rigidly connected to a sun of the planet gear. The generator is included into a local electrical circuit with several consumers. The quasi-steady model of aerodynamic action is used. The electromechanical torque acting on the rotor of generator is assumed to be a linear function of an angular speed of the rotor. Existence and stability of steady motions are studied. Analysis of characteristics of steady motions such as angular speed of each propeller and mechanical power trapped from the flow is performed. A control strategy is suggested.