Computational Homogenization of Piezoelectric Materials using FE2 to determine Configurational Forces

  • M. Khalaquzzaman
  • B.-X. Xu
  • S. Ricker
  • R. Müller


Due to the growing interest in determining the macroscopic material response of inhomogeneous materials, computational methods are becoming increasingly concerned with the application of homogenization techniques. In this work, two-scale classical (first-order) homogenization of electro-mechanically coupled problems using a FE2- approach is discussed. We explicitly formulate the homogenized coefficients of the elastic, piezoelectric and dielectric tensors for small strain as well as the homogenized remanent strain and remanent polarization. The homogenization of the coupled problem is done using different representative volume elements (RVEs), which capture the microstructure of the inhomogeneous material, to represent the macro material response. Later this technique is used to determine the macroscopic and microscopic configurational forces on certain defects.