Multi-Scale Simulation of Viscoelastic Fiber-Reinforced Composites

  • S. Staub
  • H. Andrä
  • M. Kabel
  • T. Zangmeister


This paper presents an effective algorithm to simulate the anisotropic viscoelastic behavior of a fiber-reinforced composite including the influence of the local geometric properties, like fiber-orientation and volume fraction. The considered composites consist of a viscoelastic matrix which is reinforced by elastic fibers. The viscoelastic composite behavior results anisotropic due to the local anisotropic fiber-orientations. The influence of the local time-dependent viscoelastic properties are captured within two elastic microscopic calculations for each fiberorientation in the composite part. These calculations can be performed within a preprocessing step, and thus no expensive, time-dependent viscoelastic multi-scale simulation has to be carried out to incorporate the local properties. The advantage of the presented approach is that the locally varying microscopic properties can be captured in a one-scale simulation within a commercial finite element tool like ABAQUS.