Two Scale FE Simulation of Coated Forming Tools under Thermo-Mechanical Loading

  • K.-H. Sauerland
  • R. Mahnken


Modern trends and challenges in manufacturing processes have led to an increasing complexity of hybrid forming processes in the last couple of years. Besides the improvement of the thermo-mechanical process chain the application of coated forming tools plays a crucial role in actual developments. Considering machining processes in general the investigation of tools experienced a secondary role in the past. For example, in numerical simulations of manufacturing processes tools are often modelled as rigid bodies. To remedy, this paper introduces a two scale finite element model for the coating system of a coated hybrid forming tool. Within this concept individual coating layers are considered on the mesocale and macroscopic results for the coating elements are obtained using volume averaging procedures. Two numerical examples using an implicit and an explicit integration scheme show the capability of the model to be applied for a coated forming tool subjected to thermo-mechanical loading conditions.