Numerical Study of the Deformation Behavior of Eutectic Cu/Ag Polycrystals

  • S. Dodla
  • A. Bertram


Many materials in nature have a complex structure at different length scales, which influence the material behavior. In the current work, we have investigated the deformation behavior of eutectic Cu/Ag composites with a lamellar structure inside the grains. In particular, the deformation process by uniaxial compression, uniaxial tension, and simple shear have been studied. In order to simulate the deformation behavior of the eutectic Cu/Ag composites, an elasto-viscoplastic continuum model has been implemented considering the initial texture (500 grains) from the experimental data. The numerical simulations have been carried out using the finite element software ABAQUS. The deformation behavior and the simulated texture are correlated to experimental results and discussed.


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