On the Multi Scale Modeling of Textile Reinforced Concrete

  • B. Zastrau
  • I. Lepenies
  • M. Richter


Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is a composite of textile structures made of multi-filament yarns (rovings) within a cementitious matrix. Experimental investigations of textile reinforced concrete specimens show very complex failure mechanisms on different length scales. Therefore mechanical models on the micro, meso and macro scale are introduced. The paper presents an overview on a hierarchical material model of TRC on three scales – the so calledMicro-Meso-Macro-Prediction-Model. Whileonthemicroscaletheindividualfilamentsofthefiberbundles are distinguished to determine an effective roving behavior within the mesoscopic model of the cementitious bulk material with rovings as reinforcement, models on the meso scale are used to predict the macroscopic response of the composite material.