Modelling Parametric Vibration of Gear-Pair Systems as a Tool for Aiding Gear Fault Diagnosis

  • Nguyen Van Khang
  • Thai Manh Cau
  • Nguyen Phong Dien


The main components in gear vibration spectra are the tooth-meshing frequency and its harmonics, together with sideband structures due to modulation effects. Sideband structures can be used as an important diagnostic symptom for gear fault detection. The main objective of the present paper is to unravel amplitude modulation effects which are responsible for generating such sidebands. The parametrically excited vibration of a gear-pair system in mesh was investigated. A comparison between the model result and actual experimental data from a test rig was also presented. Some analytical expressions are derived to provide a logical explanation for ob-served phenomena. The modelling result can be used to predict sideband amplitude in presence of the distributed gear faults such as non-uniform tooth wear, pittings. It may serve as a tool for aiding the gear fault diagnosis.